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30A is Pet-Friendly!

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

When you are planning a trip, there can be a long list of things you need. Add kids on the trip and the list doubles. If you’re bringing a family pet, even more supplies are coming with you. But there is no need to be overwhelmed when you bring your furry friends to the Emerald Coast. Here are some tried and true tips when you travel with your pup. After a long drive or flight, some dogs can feel out of routine and get anxious. If you have a nervous pup, bring some of his favorite toys or a small dog bed for him to feel comfortable. Don’t forget to bring his leash from home and extra bags for waste pickup. If your dog is used to having read more

5 Things to Remember for Your Beach Vacation

Posted on Friday, March 3, 2017

The time is finally here. Your long awaited vacation is around the corner and you’ve been making lists so you remember everything you need. While you get the family all together and start tying loose ends, we don’t want anything to get overlooked so here are a few things to check off. The perfect rental home – While getting away from your regular routine is a vacation in itself, how much more wonderful is it when you walk into a gorgeous luxury beach home and it’s all yours for the week? Garrett Realty Services, Inc . has a large selection of vacation rentals in prime locations with stunning beach views. We can assist you in finding the ideal read more